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Business Credit

Get Business Credit for Your EIN that’s Not Linked to Your SSN

Zenith helps you get business credit for your EIN that’s not linked to your SSN with no personal credit check or personal guarantee. Get approved even when you can’t qualify for a business loan with no cash flow or collateral requirements.

To run and build your successful business, you need to qualify for loans and credit lines at the best loan rates possible.  Business credit is essential to make this happen, and it helps you access money even when you can’t qualify for a loan.

The Zenith Business Credit Builder helps you build your business credit (that’s not linked to your SSN) step by step using a proven, field-tested, business owner approved, and highly personalized process. By using our user-friendly & intuitive software and the only full-service business credit adviser team in the industry, you’ll be guided every step of the way, simplifying your experience of obtaining business credit.


Zenith Financial Group Helps You:

  • Setup your business to meet lender and credit issuer credibility standards to get automated approvals
  • Setup and activate your credit profile with Dun & Bradstreet, Experian, and Equifax Commercial and get your free D-U-N-S number (which is essential to building great business credit)
  • Get initial trade credit to build your business credit reports with no personal credit check

Zenith Financial Group helps you get your business set up the right way to meet lender and credit issuer approval requirements, and get approved for initial business credit that reports and builds your profile with Dun & Bradstreet, Experian, and Equifax Commercial.

You can also monitor your business credit reports and scores in real-time with our Dun & Bradstreet and Experian monitoring integration, powered by Nav.

Once you are setup with the business reporting agencies, we help you access multiple revolving credit with limits of $5,000 – $50,000!

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We here to help in anything you need. Call us on below number.

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Boost of Credit

Boost Your FICO® Score Fast

A higher credit score can be an elusive, frustrating goal. Boosting your credit score quickly is even trickier.

You probably already know that you can gradually raise your credit scores over time, by doing things like paying your bills on time and avoiding credit score killers like collection accounts, charge-offs, or bankruptcy.

But what if you need speedy results and want to boost your FICO® score fast?

Maybe you’re planning to apply for a mortgage in the near future. Or perhaps you want to get approved for a great new credit card that offers lots of juicy travel rewards or other perks.

Here are 6 credit scores hacks that can boost your FICO credit score fast – in just two days to two months.

  • Dispute Negative Information
    on Your Credit Reports
  • Eliminate
    Credit Card Debt
  • Time
    Your Payments
  • Use Rapid
  • Try
  • Swap Bad Debt
    for Good Debt

A Simple Program To Improve Your Credit Scores

Improving Your Credit Score With Us Is Easy. Our Comprehensive Approach Means That We Do The Work And You Sit Back And Wait For The Results.

Your Free Consultation Consultant will talk through your current credit situation and create a custom action plan for the next steps to successfully improving your credit score.

We have no upfront costs, contracts or commitments. We can also fix Unlimited Items in your credit file.

  • – Clean Up Unlimited Negative Records
  • – Results Within The First 30-45 Days
  • – Equifax, Experian and Transunion Credit
  • – Customized Action Plans Around Your Goals

How We Repair Your Credit Scores

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We’ll analyze your credit report. We’ll be looking for negative items like collections, charge-offs, tax liens, judgments and late payments that may be hurting your score.

We will then write to each of the 3 credit agencies (Transunion, Experian, and Equifax) as well as the actual creditors directly. The letters will include disputes, appeals, validation requests and goodwill interventions.

Keep in mind we will be doing this for all of the negative items on your reports right from the start. Also, you can log into our client portal and check your progress report, which will show you what has been removed and which items remain.

We will analyze the items not yet removed and generate new letters addressing them again. We will do this every 30-45 days until you are happy with the number of removals and/or the credit score increase you have as a result.

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We here to help in anything you need. Call us on below number.

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Rapid Rescore Program

Zenith Rapid Rescore program allows updating credit information with the three national credit bureaus within 3-5 business days. Zenith will forward documents supplied by your borrower directly to Equifax, TransUnion, and Experian for a rush investigation. The repositories will update credit information and trade lines on their credit reports.

How long does it take?

Zenith Credit Repair typically 3-5 business days from the time your request is received. Zenith cannot guarantee a completion date or turnaround time. If the Bureau rejects the documents, you will be promptly notified and may in.


What types of credit information can Score Plus update?

Given a verifiable document from the creditor, Our Rapid Re-score Program can:

  • Remove derogatory information and accounts that were reported in error
  • Update an account that has been paid in full and closed
  • Update the status of a collection
  • Update a balance or paid-in-full status
  • Update an account to show that it was included in a bankruptcy

What documentation is required for Rapid Re-Score?

Credit Bureaus require that all documents submitted:

  • MUST be typed on the creditor’s letterhead
  • MUST include the borrower’s name
  • MUST come from the creditor reporting the account
  • MUST state specifically how the information should be changed
  • MUST include the date, complete account number, and the name and contact phone number of the creditor

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We here to help in anything you need. Call us on below number.

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Judgment Settlement

Waiting until the creditor has taken the debt far enough to get a judgment from you lowers your chances of getting a good settlement offer. Plus if you have assets under your name that is something you would want to avoid. If a complaint has been filed against you, the creditor the creditor has been granted the court permission to seek the judgment amount through bank levies, garnishment and liens. However, what you need to know is that this process consumes a lot of time and money for the creditor. Zenith Financials group of experts and attorneys are here to help you prevent liens, levies or garnishments by reaching out to the creditors and negotiating your debts for you, to be able to settle for less than the amount owed. Judgment settlement like other settlements are usually in lump sum, but incase a lump sum payment is not financially possible for the client we can request for monthly payments. Trying our best to shield the client from levies, liens and garnishments. In some cases the creditors are happy to settle the debt rather than holding on to an uncollectible judgment.
Once our experts have settled the debt, the client will receive a satisfaction of judgment signed by the creditor. Although the judgment will still appear on your reports but the note attached saying that the judgment was satisfied will help them perceive you in a better way.
Below are the steps we take for repairing


How it works

Send all debt related documents to us, including the judgment paper.

  • – Negotiation begins with the creditor.
  • – Settlement Agreement will be provided.
  • – Satisfaction of Judgment

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We here to help in anything you need. Call us on below number.

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chexsystems removal

Many people aren’t aware that Chexsystems exists until Chexsystems has taken away their ability to have a checking account. Chexsystems is a consumer reporting agency that banks use to see if you have ever bounced checks or had to have a bank account closed due to your mishandling funds or not paying fees.

It only takes one small report from a bank for Chexsystems to prevent you from being able to get a checking account, or maybe even having your existing account closed on you. Reports to Chexsystems can be the result of identity theft, unpaid overdraft fees, or simply not understanding your account balance. Knowing how to get removal of bad or incorrect information from your Chexsystems report can be critical for your basic financial needs. Information reported to Chexsystems stays on your report for 5 years.


Were You Denied A Bank Account due to ChexSystems Reports?

Restore Your Banking Privileges Quickly.

Then let Zenith help you to properly file a dispute against the negative information banks have reported to the ChexSystems database. Zenith helps restore your banking!

  • – Chexsystems Disputes are tricky don’t navigate them alone
  • – Get the results you want by filing a proper dispute
  • – Get quality answers from our top support agents
  • – Get approved for a Bank Account!
  • – No more check cashing fees, or second chance fees.
  • – Use a proven solution with the highest success.
  • Get Maximum Profit

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  • Tranparancey Policy

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  • Get Maximum Profit

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  • Tranparancey Policy

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So what is ChexSystems and how can being reported effect you?

ChexSystems is a consumer credit reporting agency much like Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion. How they differ is that the major 3 credit reporting agencies manage data about how a consumer handles their credit relationships with verious lenders. They maintain data reported to them by banks and credit unions that have closed checking or savings accounts due to negative activity. It is owned by Fidelity Nation Information Services or (FIS).

This means that the more than 80% of banks that report to ChexSystems and close an account due to negative activity like overdrafts, NSF, bounced check deposits, and suspected fraud activity will provided the information on the individual who’s account was closed to ChexSystems. Now if that individual goes to another bank that uses their data in the approval process for opening an new account. They will see that, that individual has had a previous issue with a different banking institution, and this information can weigh on the decision making for that bank to approve or deny the opening of that account. While the final decision to approve or deny an account is ultimately for that bank to make. The information provided by ChexSystems & other credit reporting agencies like Early Warning Services can have a major impact on their decision.

With over 9,000 different banking institutions, at over 100,000 different branches update the information that is reported to ChexSystems nearly 350,000 times a day. The options become very limited on the amount of banks that don’t use this type of information to approve, or deny an account. Chex Systems Inc. is located in Woodbury, MN and you can call them directly to order a copy of your consumer report at 1 (800) 428-9623 or go directly to their website by clicking here and order the report. They are required by law to provide you with a copy of this report once a year free of charge. If you are trying to reach a live agent at ChexSystems directly they will not provide a consumer with information without you first having a copy of your consumer report but you are free to contact them by calling 1-800-513-7125 you will select the language you prefer, then Press 7 to get to a live agent that will assist you with ordering your report in the mail. There is currently no way to receive this information automatically online.

Credit Reporting Agencies like Chex Systems Inc. are governed by the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) enforced by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and as with any other Consumer Credit Reporting Agency, you have the right to dispute negative information contained in your Consumer Reports.