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Fix Your Past

We will Challenge the items you identified with your creditors and/or the credit bureaus. We will reach out to the creditors and help resolve the issues in a timely manner. We also interact with the credit bureaus to make sure that the correct information is being reported to your credit.

Supervise Your Present

Our credit monitoring service will keep you aware and updated about any changes that are taking place on your report. Based on the analysis done on your report, we will provide you with information and advice you on the impact of the reported items on your score.

Develop Your Future

Zenith Financial Group has U.S Board certified consultants and experts that are well aware if the consumer protection laws and the time these regulations carry. It’s time for you to face your credit score issues, and let us improve your credit score by reporting, removing your negative items.


Zenith Financial Group is more than just a credit repair company, we are truly concerned about the finances of our clients and their quality of living.

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Ladies and gentlemen, a good credit is a need in America. And when you need something you have go to the best and most professional company in that field. I recommend you Mani Hatami and Arash Zad at Zenith Financial Group.
Shahyar Ghanbari
My friends Mani Hatami & Arash Zad in Zenith Financial Group are the best in the credit repair field of the Persian Community.
Schubert Avakian
My friends Mani Hatami and Arash Zad are in the credit repair field. They are professionals of their field and know what they are doing. Although I don’t need them now, but I will definitely go to them if I needed credit repair services.
Mani Hatami and Arash Zad are two successful young men in the American community that repair the credit of the people of their community. I wish success for these two brilliant young men.
I congratulate my good friends, Mani Hatami and Arash Zad. They are in the credit repair field. I wish you success and health so you could continue helping people the way you do!

You can improve your credit score.

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We are working closely with credit bureaus:

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18 Jul 18 Zenith Financial Group

18 Jul 18 Zenith Financial Group