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Judgment Settlement

Waiting until the creditor has taken the debt far enough to get a judgment from you lowers your chances of getting a good settlement offer. Plus if you have assets under your name that is something you would want to avoid. If a complaint has been filed against you, the creditor the creditor has been granted the court permission to seek the judgment amount through bank levies, garnishment and liens. However, what you need to know is that this process consumes a lot of time and money for the creditor. Zenith Financials group of experts and attorneys are here to help you prevent liens, levies or garnishments by reaching out to the creditors and negotiating your debts for you, to be able to settle for less than the amount owed. Judgment settlement like other settlements are usually in lump sum, but incase a lump sum payment is not financially possible for the client we can request for monthly payments. Trying our best to shield the client from levies, liens and garnishments. In some cases the creditors are happy to settle the debt rather than holding on to an uncollectible judgment.
Once our experts have settled the debt, the client will receive a satisfaction of judgment signed by the creditor. Although the judgment will still appear on your reports but the note attached saying that the judgment was satisfied will help them perceive you in a better way.
Below are the steps we take for repairing


How it works

Send all debt related documents to us, including the judgment paper.

  • – Negotiation begins with the creditor.
  • – Settlement Agreement will be provided.
  • – Satisfaction of Judgment