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Debt Negotiation

Our goal is to get you beyond debt, which is why we’re changing the way our industry does things. We’ve developed advanced technology, specifically engineered to deliver a better financial program – just for you. Our revolutionary tools allow us to tailor our programs to meet our client’s individual financial goals.

Our Commitment to Communication is unparalleled. Our highly-trained Debt Specialists will guide you every step of the way. You will have access to a clear, 100% transparent, step-by-step plan and all the information you need to reach a better financial future.


The typical US household with credit card debt is carrying a balance of about $16,000. That is a large amount of credit card debt layered onto the other debt households are carrying:

Student loans
Auto debt

Debt, debt, and more debt. But with credit cards, you are borrowing money you don’t have for consumption today. With a mortgage, you have it secured to a home. With auto loans, you at least have the car. Student loans prove to be more problematic because there is no bankruptcy clause and the amount people are taking out in student debt is staggering. Credit card debt with high rates in this low interest rate environment are just poor financial decisions by Americans. You are locking in high rates in an environment where high rates are hard to find. And for what? To buy things people clearly can’t afford. Trying to hold on to the memories of middle class living.

Average U.S. Consumer Debt

  • Home Mortgage
  • Consumer Credit
  • Bank Loans
  • Municipal securities
  • Other Loans
  • Commercial Mortgage
  • Security credit
  • Trade payables
  • Unpaid life insurance

Move BEYOND Debt

Debt Consultation

We designed a better way to get you out of debt. Our dedicated team, advanced technology, and innovative programs help individuals like you put debt behind them.

  • – Resolve debt in 12 – 48 months

Benefits of a Life Wihtout Debt

Less stress, less anxiety and greater peace of mind
Freedom to invest in the things that matter – a home or your child’s education
Ability to provide financial security for family members or loved ones
Opportunity to start saving & planning for retirement