There are many ways to accidentally fall into debt:

  • Unexpected loss of job
  • Loss of income
  • Spouse gets sick
  • Unexpected divorce

If you are in debt, there is no need to worry. Zenith Financial Group is here to help.

Debt experts to help you through every step

Our team of experts are ready to represent you starting on day one. Whether we are reviewing settlement options that arise, answering your important questions, or helping you understand the several tools that we have in place to ensure you receive the absolute best negotiation possible.

We help debt-burdened clients get debt relief every day with fast and cost-effective solutions. Start taking advantage of our proprietary electronic debt-settlement system and put our best-in-class debt advisors to work today with a debt consultation, no matter what your credit issue is:

Credit card debt
Hospital/medical bills
Department store credit
Unsecured personal loans

hould I have you work on all of my debts, or can I pick certain accounts to resolve?

negotiate when they see that most of your accounts are delinquent due to your hardship. The decision to resolve all or some of your debt is totally up to you. We are here to help you decide what strategies are best for you. Remember to keep in mind that we are paid on our performance, meaning our fee for each account will be taken only at the time the first payment is funded to a creditor for a negotiated account.

What about filing Bankruptcy?

Everyone’s situation is different, but we have assisted many clients to become debt free without having to file bankruptcy. Filing bankruptcy can have long term effects on your credit and can impact your ability to apply for new credit or in some cases, employment. Bankruptcy does not always go away after 7-10 years, as some bankruptcy attorneys may claim. For example, nearly all credit applications ask if you have ever filed bankruptcy in the past. There are also costly court and attorney fees that accompany the filing process. Finally, depending on which chapter of bankruptcy you qualify for, you may still be required to pay back all or some of your debt.

Benefits of a Life BEYOND Debts

  • Less stress, less anxiety and greater peace of mind
  • Freedom to invest in the things that matter – a home or your child’s education
  • Ability to provide financial security for family members or loved ones
  • Opportunity to start saving & planning for retirement