Your credit score plays a big role in daily life. It can determine the interest rate a consumer is going to pay for credit cards, car loans, and mortgages — or whether they will get a loan at all.

Average credit scores most recently bottomed out at 686, during the housing crisis when there was a sharp increase in foreclosures. A score of 700 is considered “very good credit,” Dornhelm said

FREE Credit Report Summary & Credit Repair Consultation

Zenith Credit Repair offers a free credit repair consultation, which includes a complete review of your FREE credit report summary and score. Call us today to take advantage of our no-obligation offer.

We pride ourselves on understanding each client’s situation so we can tailor each plan of action according to their needs. Since this company was founded, we thought that integrity, commitment, and our client’s trust were the keys to our success.

Proven Results

“My husband and I were in a tight corner last year. We could not get a new home loan because of our poor credit scores. A friend told us about Zenith Credit Repairs and we gave it a try. I am glad to tell you that they did a perfect job at getting my credit score up, and I am currently writing this review from our new home.”

“Zenith Credit Repair has one of the friendliest customer service teams. They made sure I was relaxed, answered every of my questions, and made sure I was clear about how their program works. Their prices are very affordable, especially when compared to the value they offer. I appreciate your services, guys!”

“They get the job Done! Zenith Credit Repair is an exceptional credit repair company. I have tried some other services and my credit score remained the same. they removed about 70% of the negative items on my credit report. They always keep you updated on the process. I will gladly recommend for people having issues with their credit scores.”

How Credit Rebuilding Works

Throughout our decades of practice, we have helped many people from all walks of life with various credit issues. We support our clients and assist them in their credit woes, including loans, credit card debt, bankruptcy, and credit score repair. We understand how overwhelmed people can become, feeling anxious when a creditor calls or knocks at their door.

This is why we’re dedicated to using our knowledge, our experience, our passion to help them and you. We are well versed in our field, helping our clients to change their lives around by using consumer protective statuses and creating effective claims. We also assist our clients by asking the questions they are legally able to.


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