Credit score is not just a number; it's a lifestyle.


Shahyar Ghanbari


Ladies and gentlemen, a good credit is a need in America. And when you need something you have go to the best and most professional company in that field. I recommend you Mani Hatami at Zenith Financial Group.

Schubert Avakian


My friends Mani Hatami in Zenith Financial Group are the best in the credit repair field of the Persian Community.


Iranian Signer

My friends Mani Hatami is in the credit repair field. They are professionals of their field and know what they are doing. Although I don’t need them now, but I will definitely go to them if I needed credit repair services.


Iranian Singer

Mani Hatami is successful young men in the American community that repair the credit of the people of their community. I wish success for these two brilliant young men.


Iranian Singer

I congratulate my good friend, Mani Hatami  They are in the credit repair field. I wish you success and health so you could continue helping people the way you do!

Kamran & Hooman

Iranian Signer

We would like to thank Mani Hatami for the credit repair service they provide to our community.


Iranian Signer

Thank you Mani Hatami for the credit repair service that you offer.


Iranian Signer

Zenith Financial Group with the management of Mani Hatami, is the most professional credit repair company in the Persian community and the Persian community has support to support this accredited company.

Ardavan Mofid

Iranian Signer

One of the current issues in today’s society is credit. Credit scores are very important in this country. Luckily people like Mani Hatami are here to help repair your credit.

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